Thank you!

We have met a lot of people who made our trip so much more interesting.

We wanted to dedicate a little bit of digital space to those who helped us vagabond in so many places.

From the latest encounters to the very first ones back in January 2016:

With Mimi in Normandy // Alençon, France, Jan 2017

Brunch, hot wine and fun with the gang // Paris, France, Dec 2016


Rediscovering the pleasure of ‘plat du jour’ with Pauline // Paris, France, Dec 2016



Rideshare with Kristjan & Schnitzel // From Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, Dec 2016


Couchsurfing dinner in Melbourne, VIC, Australia with Ariel, Mathilde and friend Sam

Couchsurfing dinner with Ariel, Mathilde and friend Sam // Melbourne, VIC, Australia, Dec 2016



A week with the loveliest family ever – thousands of thanks to Pav, Ainsley, their parents and their little mermaid Halle // Perth, WA, Australia, November 2016



Around Richie’s many relaxed offices // Fremantle, VIC, Australia, November 2016


Partying with dolphin volunteers // Monkey Mia, WA, Australia, October 2016



Camping for dummies with Marie // Litchfield, NT, Australia, August 2016



A taste of Kangaroo with Nathan // Darwin, NT, Australia, August 2016



Birthday by the pool with Pepette//Bali, Indonesia, August 2016


A coffee and millions of useful tips thanks to Antoine // Bali, Indonesia, August 2016



A taste of the expat life and Dim Sum feast with Mathilde // Singapore, June 2016



Exploring the city with our knowledgeable guide and amazing host, Nor // Singapore, June 2016


Yoga & Meditation with the Hariharalaya community // Siem Reap, Cambodia, June 2016


Zumba, Barbapapa and Soba with Yasu and Yuki,

Zumba, Barbapapa and Soba with Yasu and Yuki // Tokyo, Japan, May 2016



Guided visit and croque-monsieur with Futa // Osaka. Japan, May 2016


Homestay in a welcoming Japanese family, Chiaki & Otousan // Takatsuki, Japan, May 2016


Sashimi time in Osaka with our host Anthony, and CSers Sara + Tatiana

Sashimi feast with our host Anthony, and CSers Sara + Tatiana // Kyoto, Japan, May 2016



First English class with Phuong and her Vietnamese students // Saigon, Vietnam, May 2016



Through vietnamese landscapes with Mÿ, our EasyRider guide // Hoi An, Vietnam, May 2016



Trekking with Jo through rice fields and bamboo forests // Sapa, Vietnam, April 2016



Sharing Egg Coffee and travel stories with Sam and Frank // Hanoi, Vietnam, April 2016



Mireille, Martine, and our Korean buddies after an elephant ride // Luang Prabang, Laos, April 2016



Tasting local specialties with Sarah and Danny // Chiang Mai, Thailand, April 2016



A night to remember with Golf, Augustin, Zoe and Philip // Chiang Mai, Thailand, April 2016



La Bretagne en Thailande avec Amandine et Olivier // Ayutthaya, Thailand, April 2016



Walking tour with GoYeppey // Bangkok, Thailand, April 2016



Couchsurfer meet up with Purin and Tonnam // Bangkok, Thailand March 2016


A chinese couple kind enough to pick us up // Volcano Nat Park, Hawaii, March 2016

Hitch-hike ride with a sweet chinese couple // Volcano Nat Park, Hawaii, March 2016



Aloha dream team. Stefanie, Ka(i)tsu, Brad, Logan and Shanti // Big Island, Hawaii, February 2016



Superbowl 50 final and 5 stars dinner with Nico, Derev and friends // Los Angeles, USA February 2016



Racing Terry’s new convertible with our scooty in the streets of LA // Los Angeles, USA, February 2016



Keeping Austin weird with Sarah, her mom and some crepes // Austin, USA, January 2016



Dipping in Memphis BBQ with Juan and Jake // Memphis, USA, January 2016


Experiencing southern hospitality first hand with Joanna, Gretchen, James and Stephane // Charleston, USA, January 2016



Goulash and afternoon tea party with Aryeh and Ofra // Washington, USA, January 2016



Alex and his secret spots for the best cheesesteaks in town // Philadelphia, USA, January 2016



Family times with Chris, Alex and Ludo // Philadelphia, USA, January 2016