New York City

A brief take on the City that never sleeps after 3 yrs

SID LEE 2015

My NYC Spots

I have enjoyed the City’s life, expensive bars, rooftops, neighborhood joints, crashing parties..
and “faved” a lot of places overtime, you might want to check out some if you are in the area:

(this will be obsolete in 2yrs!)

Getting around on 2 wheels in NYC

Nothing frustrated me more than the NYC subway so biking/ riding a motorbike were a much needed escape. Granted that you have to be careful bc it can be dangerous but it’s well worth it.
Few of the advantages i found:

    • you go at your own pace
    • you travel above the surface, hence know the city a lot better
    • you are spending time outside and can experience crazy views of the city, change of seasons…
    • you save a lot on Metro cards on the long run: bike($400) + equipment($100) + maintenance($100) + metrocards from time to time($240) = $840 av/year

Spending 3 years in New York City was a really awesome adventure!

It was definitely a lot of work, but really proud of what i contributed to build with SID LEE. I learned a lot of what it meant to be an Integrated Agency Producer, met a lot of great people and worked with some of the most cutting edge production shop in the world.

SID LEE 2015



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