Like Robinson Crusoe on Koh Rong

Last stop in Cambodia, we decide to play it wild and spend 3 days on the beautiful island of Koh Rong Sanloem.

Vagabondays-Koh-Rong-Cambodia-11From Sihanoukville, we take a speed ferry to join Koh Rong southern sister: Koh Rong Sanloem.

Less touristy, more “jungley” and wild, the island doesn’t offer wifi nor A/C, but that’s fine with us as long as we find quietness and gorgeous beaches!

After an hour of boat, we hit the east side of the island but we still have to hike for another hour through the jungle to find Sunset Beach, on the other side.

Unfortunately, the rain invites itself and we arrive soaked and muddy to our destination… good start!


Positive point though: there is almost nobody here… Because of the off season, because only brave ones don’t mind the hike, because it rains… a lot! From our bungalow, we appreciate the sound of the rain blending with the music of the sea, it’s so soothing

A lush and green vegetation surrounds us. We listen to the birds happily singing after the storm, whose melody is marked by regular and distinctive geiko calls. We don’t want to disturb their gig and remain silent.


Our schedule is quite simple: a lot of reading, a couple of swims, some rocking in the hammocks, a few yoga postures and late walks on the beach to reach the awry wooden peer that is our sunset spot.


We’re definitely zen… so zen that we’re not even pissed when we realize someone stole both our cellphones… we were lucky it didn’t happen earlier, this is one of the many joys of travelling!

After 2 days in the jungle, we cannot get dry, so we decide to hike back to the east side of Koh Rong Sanloem to find “civilization” back (a couple of empty bungalows).

We spend our last day in Cambodia on the beach, amazed by the stunning view we have from our deck, relaxing and realizing this it the end of our extended trip in the quartet Thailand/Lao/Vietnam/Cambodia.


This part of our trip went so fast… but we realize we have seen, experienced and lived so many things in such a short time period that it feels like we stayed there for a while and it’s hard to say farewell.

But we’re also super excited to discover our next destination… the vagabonding goes on!



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